The 2nd Chance Programme is committed to providing 18-25 year olds the opportunity to secure long-term employment. If you are passionate about helping young people then find out below how you can help us.

The 2nd Chance Programme enables 18-25 year olds by helping them gain the necessary qualifications, experience, skills and attitude to find and sustain long-term employment. Our programme aims to not only improve the lives of young people, but also the lives of their friends, relatives and colleagues; benefiting the whole community.

If you or your organisation are passionate about helping young people and the community as a whole then please read on below to find out more about our programme.

How we are different

The 2nd Chance Programme supports young people holistically. We want to help them by improving their confidence, academic ability and employment potential to ensure that they not only secure a job, but a long-term, sustainable career with future opportunities for progression.

How you can help us

In order for the 2nd Chance Programme to continue to be successful we are constantly looking for funders who can provide extra resource to our programme and help our young people realise their full potential. If you are interested in helping us fulfill this commitment then we want to hear from you.

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