Employers and Work Placement Providers

The 2nd Chance Programme is committed to providing 18-25 year old’s the opportunity to secure long-term employment. If you or your organisation are interested in providing our trainees with either employment or work placement opportunities then please contact us to find out more.

The 2nd Chance Programme aims to enable 18-25 year olds by helping them gain the necessary qualifications, skills and experience that will make them valuable employees in which ever industry they choose.

We believe that just helping a young person secure a role or a temp job is not the same as enabling them to obtain and learn within a career that holds progression and development opportunities.

We are always looking to grow our network of contacts and meet like-minded employers who are able to offer employment opportunities to young people in order to help them unlock their full potential.

How we are different

Alongside our employer-led projects The 2nd Chance Programme offers work-based taster days, work placements and career opportunities in a range of different sectors and industries so that we can inspire and motivate the trainees on our programme.

How you can help

We have built up a significant number of employer contacts and possess a database of organisations who can help us, but we are always appreciative of individuals and organisations who can help us provide work placements or employment opportunities.

get involved

If you are able to help provide us with a work placement or employment opportunity then please contact us:

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