Projects and Training


The 2nd Chance Programme helps you to develop the core skills that employers are looking for including teamwork, ability to meet deadlines and presentation skills. Our unique Project-based learning gives you the opportunity to work on employer-led projects that offer you real experience of a professional working environment.

Project-Based Learning

Project based learning is all about you developing those skills and attitudes that employers are looking for. This will ensure that when you reach employment at the end of the programme, you are fully prepared and ready to hit the ground running.

Success Showcase

Your first project will involve you writing, producing and editing a short video demonstrating what success looks like to you. This will involve you filming, editing and presenting a short film which will help you not only develop film production skills but also group working, time-management and working to a deadline.

Answering a Clients Question

Your second project will be focused on developing teamwork and presentation skills in a professional environment. You will be tasked by a client with a live business problem or question. Your task will be to find a creative solution and present your ideas back to the client. Previous employers that our applicants have worked with include Sainsburys and Barclays Bank.

Running Your Own Business

In your third and final project you will be running your own business or creating a product to sell at a local market where you will be demonstrating all of the skills that you have acquired throughout the programme whilst working under pressure and to a deadline.


The 2nd Chance Programme provides you with the opportunity to achieve a Functional Skills qualifications in English, Maths and IT. Once you have been selected for the 2nd Chance Programme you will have the opportunity to achieve the minimum Entry Level 3 up to Level 2, which is the current employability standard within the UK.

Functional Skills

The 2nd Chance Programme will provide you with the opportunity to achieve the minimum Functional Skills Entry Level 3 up to Level 2, which is the current employability standard within the UK.


Functional Skills English is about enabling you to understand the importance of reading, writing and communication skills in the workplace and providing you with real-life scenarios to help you understand how those skills can be applied.


The 2nd Chance Programme develops maths skills to enhance your problem-solving capacity in the workplace. Rather than arithmetic or equations, our maths programme offers scenarios of problem-solving related to the workplace.


The IT skills that you will acquire will help you to understand, analyse and present information in a way that is fit for a professional environment whilst covering practical application such as literacy and numeracy in the workplace.