Mentoring Programme

The 2nd Chance Programme is committed to providing you with as much support and guidance as we can in order for you to realise your full potential.

The 2nd Chance Programme provides a dedicated mentoring programme that will provide you with support, guidance and invaluable professional experience to help you on your career path.

Our mentoring programme is tailored to suit you and to help you on your career journey, no matter where you are in your professional development.

Life and Employment Skills

The 2nd Chance Programme Mentors have plenty of life and employment skills which they can utilise to support you after the programme. This could range from helping you manage your finances, to supporting you with professional development at your place of work.

Career Mentoring

Our mentors support you by helping to map out your career paths. Our mentors use a number of tools to do this and we have mentors that can help you from a wide range of professions including Finance, IT, Hairdressing and Teaching.

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